Welcome to Single-Track Adventures exploring the Karoo via your Mountain Bike, Gravel Bike or running. Single-Track Adventures will be a challenge for some and a casual 2 day adventure for others. We can adjust the adventures to meet your needs. We want you to get out there, seek a bond with nature, and inspire change. Join us in Montagu where your adventure begins and ends.

2 days

Montagu to Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve return

Looking for a challenge? Ouberg Pass in Montagu, Western Cape awaits. Join us on a fully supported tour in the Karoo. 

Arrange with your host, Kamin, when you will be arriving and she will meet you at the Koo Karoo Guest Lodge. Once checked in and settled you have the evening at your leisure to support a local restaurant for dinner. We can provide you with a few suggestions

Day 1

Montagu to Gecko Rock via Ouberg Pass (UP) – 71km

It will be an early morning start, especially in summer. Your host, Kamin, will let you know what your starting time will be. Your overnight luggage, spares, nutrition, and hydration for on route will be loaded into the support vehicle. You can travel light. Your vehicle will remain parked at Koo Karoo Guest Lodge in safe and secure parking. For those that like to challenge themselves, we have a reward if you do not dismount and complete the Ouberg climb in one go. Your adventure awaits!

Gecko Rock

Your overnight destination

Gecko Rock Private Nature Reserve is nestled in the Nougaspoort Valley and offers visitors an eco-adventure destination. Our mission at Gecko Rock is to offer our visitors an unparalleled outdoor experience in the South African Karoo, one of the most unique natural areas on earth.

Day 2

Gecko Rock to Montagu (DOWN) – 71km

On day 1 you conquered Ouberg Pass going up. Today you will enjoy nearly 20km of free miles (unless you are on foot) to Montagu. Experience the beauty of the Karoo sunrise over the vast open plains. A cold beverage of choice awaits you at Montagu Country Hotel. 

You will arrive back by midday allowing you enough time to travel back home. 



This adventure is fully supported. The vehicle will transport your overnight luggage, spares, nutrition, and hydration on the route. It is equipped with a first aid kit, first aider, spot tracker for emergencies, and camping fridge to ensure your hydration is at optimal temperature. 

Along the route, we will stop to admire the view, take care of your hydration and nutritional needs and even a pop-up coffee shop in the Karoo awaits. For those that have had enough adventure for the day, you are welcome to rack your bike or unlace your shoes and climb in alongside me. 

Adventure Awaits! Contact Kamin and she will see how best she can accommodate you. Our adventures are bespoke and not limited to this option only. Looking forward to getting you out there. 



Exclusive Adventure Limited to 4 Athletes

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