Steve’s Ride

A couple of weeks ago I received a call from Big Kev (The real Kevin Matthews) mentioning to me that they were planning a gravel ride from Northam to Perth. He did not share much detail at the time, all he wanted to know was if I would be keen in joining them. As much […]

The Commuter

by Willie Richards For years my career had me travelling away, I would normally be engaged in a 6-to-8-week rotation followed by my return home to catch up on some well-deserved R&R from my 12 hour a day/ 7 day a week offshore engagement.Once home I would sometimes have to nip into town. This had […]

Camel Lake Beer Dash

For ages now I have been dreaming of putting together a group run, but not an event and not a run that would scare off the novice runner. A run you can squeeze in after a busy week at work. Every run I tend to let my mind to wonder off and ponder about all […]

Bikepacking frame bags

Author: Willie Richards HOW TO CHOOSE BIKEPACKING FRAME BAGS- ADVICE FROM AN EXPERT What is a bikepacking frame bag? A Bike packing bag that slots and secures within the bike frame’s triangle space. Choosing the perfect bikepacking frame bags can be tough because they come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Even more, they […]

Eroica South Africa

Montagu is where adventure memories are made – written by Willie Richards I am back again at one of my favourite little towns in the Western Cape. What was mentioned in passing during a quick coffee meeting between Kamin from (Single-Track), Marchelle (Flying Feet) and myself in Montagu had me very interested in an event […]


ADVENTURING JOIN US ON A FULLY SUPPORTED ADVENTURE Welcome to Single-Track Adventures exploring the Karoo via your Mountain Bike, Gravel Bike or running. Single-Track Adventures will be a challenge for some and a casual 2 day adventure for others. We can adjust the adventures to meet your needs. We want you to get out there, […]

Montagu Adventure

A town where most Adventures start and End – Written by Willie Richards It has taken me a couple of days to get my thoughts all gathered and at last between my crazy daily schedule I have managed to put some words down and reflect on an epic little mid-week adventure I recently had. Let […]


4 ELEMENTS SEEK A BOND WITH NATURE TO INSPIRE CHANGE It is believed that every visible thing that we are exposed to in nature is made up of the four elements: fire, air, water and earth. They exist to bring balance. Just as earth needs wind to move it, fire needs water to be quenched. […]

How to Plan for a Bikepacking Trip

The Minimalist art movement was founded on basis of “less is more”. I believe the same approach should be followed for planning a bikepacking adventure. There is so much information out there that it can be an absolute minefield for the novice. Here is my advice on how to plan for a bikepacking trip- 8 […]

Cederberg Park Reserve

With our lives being super demanding and our daily schedules consuming us, now and then we must draw a line in the sand and say all stop.  A while back I returned from yet another remote project and made the call that my boy and I must go away for a father and son weekend together […]