Our Nature


With our ethos “Seek a bond with nature to inspire change” the 4 elements play a vital role to connect an individual to his or her own passion and linkage to nature.

The four elements in single-track points directly to the following:


Fire is our link to activity. Fire is alive and it is a form of energy. It’s the fire that burns within a person to seek an answer in nature to inspire change.


Earth is our overall well-being and connection with mother earth and the connection with the great outdoors. Earth is our connection to nature.


Water is our element for movement and our tie to fluidness. The connection to constant movement. Water also nourishes our souls and bodies. Refreshes our souls. Water is life!


Air is vital to a person without air in our lungs there won’t be any outdoor escape or activity. Air can be found within the energy of the wind. Energy powers us and its powers nature.

All 4 elements are classic and ties an individual in a classic way to nature. The four elements can pull through to what an individual prefers be it sitting next to a campfire, flying his kite, running or hiking a trail to connect to his surroundings and water for the person that finds his solace in a body of water.

“Man cannot discover new oceans
unless he has the courage
to lose sight of the shore.”

Andre Gide